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Fox Brook Park is a popular attraction for many families and groups who want to enjoy a vacation in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The fantastic setting at the park is ideal for enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors. Adults and children will have fun exploring the large area. The little kids might even learn a lot about the history of the place through their experiences there. 

Discover why many tourists and locals travel all the way to Wisconsin to experience the famous park by the lake.

Fox Brook Park’s Family-Friendly Activities

Located in the town of Brookfield, this park is an excellent spot to enjoy water activities like swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more. The local fishing club in the area offers day-long fishing trips on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also enjoy sweat-inducing morning or afternoon jogs, biking, or take a nice long walk in their land trails. It offers a beautiful outdoor setting for a serene day filled with fun and laughter.

The park features several attractions for visitors. There are many areas for families to congregate around, share food, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.

Numerous picnic tables available in the park, making it a great place to relax with the entire family. The picnic area features tables and chairs set up in rows to create a comfortable dining place to enjoy a meal together. Pavilions are available for rent to enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner near the beautiful and well-kept man-made lake.

If you want to bring a pet, they will also love the park’s inclusive facilities where you’re allowed to walk them around, and it even has a designated area for the dogs to swim. 

Another exciting part of the park is the kids’ playground right at the center of the picnic area. If they aren’t fond of swimming, they can run around all day to sweat their energies out. It has several slides and swings for them to use and play with newly-found friends. So, don’t forget to take the kids with you to let them enjoy their first time at the park. 

A ‘Must-Have’ on Your Vacation List

When looking for a place to go have a picnic and a swim in Wisconsin, there is probably no place that would be better than Fox Brook Park. There are many relaxing things you can do here. Plus, there are also numerous restaurants in the area so you can eat outside if you like.

Indeed, you can enjoy many activities in Fox Brook Park that will please everyone in the family and give them hours of entertainment. But if you prefer (and have the time), you can also hire a car to take you on a trip to the surrounding area. You can see beaches and other attractions such as the Fox River Sanctuary, Milwaukee Country Zoo, and many adventure parks with scenic views. Wisconsin is such a wonderful place to explore as it’s filled with amazing natural attractions you surely shouldn’t miss.

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