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Children’s Dentistry

Dr. V and Dr. Megan strongly believe that the foundation for lifelong dental health is developed very early in life.  Kid’s dentistry is of particular interest and importance to Dr. Megan, as she has focused the scope of her general dental practice on pediatric care. The American Dental Association (ADA) advocates for early visits to a dentist, recommending that children establish a dental home by the age of 1.  Starting visits at an early age helps your child develop good dental habits from the beginning, and allows for them to build familiarity and trust with our Doctors and staff.  Furthermore, preventative dental care can save time, money, and teeth.  For more detailed information about your child’s dental health from us, visit the “Your Child” link on our website. For more information about Pediatric care from the ADA, click the PatientSmart box below.
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