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Braces for Kids

Many parents associate having braces with being a teenager, but you may be noticing more and more young children with orthodontic appliances. This is because dentists and orthodontists have found that early orthodontic intervention during specific phases of growth may produce the best results. Dr. V and Dr. Megan will evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs no matter what age or phase of growth they are in, and provide guidance and options to you regarding referral to an orthodontist for care.

There are many reasons to consider orthodontic treatment for your child other than esthetics of their smile. Crowded and crooked teeth are hard to clean, which may lead to future dental problems. Malocclusion, or a bad bite, can affect speech, chewing ability, prematurely wear down the teeth, and possibly lead to TMJ problems in the future. There are also emotional benefits to your child, the biggest of which is their increased confidence and happiness in their smile and overall appearance.

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