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If you’re out to explore Waukesha, there’s a great place to visit with the whole family on a warm weekend. Banting Park is the city’s go-to recreational center in the summer, springtime, and even during the winter.

Banting Park is a cultural and historical place where there are plenty of awesome things to do, and it’s widely rated as a great park with lots of options for everyone.

There are numerous exercises to do in a recreational park. You can enjoy an entire weekend playing various sports and other kinds of relaxation activities.

Here are some facts you can learn about Banting Park. Let’s explore everything that it has to offer!

Things to Do in Banting Park

Banting Park is famous for being one of the few recreational areas with Pickleball Courts in Wisconsin. And as one of the city’s main attractions, the recreational park invites everyone to enjoy all the sports facilities they offer to the public. So, if you’re a sports enthusiast or you’re raising your child to be one, this is the perfect place to spend your weekends.

Grab your family and friends to explore the rest of the area too. Banting Park is a place large enough to keep everyone occupied and entertained with sports and other outdoor activities. So, come prepared with your favorite picnic food and thirst-quenching drinks because it’s going to be an all-out physical exercise at the park. However, you’re also welcome just to hang out and enjoy the warmth on sunny days or the chill of wintertime.

Features and Accommodations

Banting Park is a 9.9 acres open area with a flat field, giving ample space for a baseball and softball diamond, a sand volleyball court, two tennis courts, and eight pickleball courts. There is a park shelter where people can relax, an open playfield for those who want to explore other games, and picnic shelters to eat and refresh. Restrooms are available for public access as well. Of course, a parking lot is in place to accommodate vehicles, especially with the frequent visits of large families with kids and adults alike.

If you’d visit during the winter months, Banting Park offers an ice skating rink to provide entertainment in celebration of the season.

The best thing is that the recreational areas are festively lighted all-year-round. 

Ideal Location

The recreational park is adjoining the Banting Elementary School and Horning Middle School located in Waukesha City. Students enjoy the accessibility of the area where they can learn different kinds of sports.

It’s also conveniently located in the middle of a wonderful neighborhood, and the people enjoy morning and afternoon walk with family, friends, and pets. It’s absolutely fun for kids of all ages and adults who value activities that enhance physical and mental development.

Banting Park is also close to numerous restaurants for families to go to after spending a long day under the sun running and playing different games.

Hotels are also close to the park to accommodate tourists and visitors. You can enjoy quick vacations with the whole family without worrying about everyone’s safety and comfort. Experience the best services exclusively offered by the locals of Waukesha.

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